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Community Outreach

Karamu is committed to supporting child care providers and the children and families they serve.  Check this page regularly for social causes and outreach activities that we endorse, grant opportunities, and community based events that need your support.  

Please Donate To Karamu

Every dollar you donate to Karamu helps us to continue to realize our mission of serving the child care community above and beyond our Child Nutrition Programs. Your tax deductible donations are invested back in the community through our child care conferences, child care referral service, and other outreach services.

Karamu Now Accepting Applications For Our Brooks-Washington Day Care Home Licensing Standards Grant

Karamu is proud to offer our Brooks-Washington Day Care Home Licensing Standards grant program. This program offers grants ranging from $50 to $300 for income eligible child care home providers who need help meeting licensing or alternate approval standards. These grants can be used for supplies such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers; minor alterations such as adding handrails; and the costs of fire and safety inspections or licensing fees. Grants cannot be used to cover general remodeling or renovations costs or any other unallowable expenses as defined by FNS manual 796-2.


You must be a Karamu sponsored childcare provider or have applied for participation as a Karamu provider and are awaiting enrollment.

Fill out an application for participation in the program.

Submit an income eligibility application that documents the Home Day Care eligibility as a Tier I Provider. 

Submit copy of government issued ID (examples: driver’s license/State ID, Social Security card, or birth certificate.)  

Provide written evidence of the Day Care Home’s application for licensing (or Alternate Approval) and official documentation of the defects that are impeding approval of the license or alternate approval. Documentation can be in the form of a letter on DHS letterhead or site inspection form signed by DHS or your assigned Karamu site monitor. 



You may receive only one grant award each year. If you are denied for any reason, you can reapply after 12 months.

Upon grant award, you must agree to submit copies of delivery notices, inspection reports, child care licenses, certificate of alternate approval or similar information that shows the day care home received the supplies, alterations and/or services for which the grant was approved. Grantees must also show proof (in the form of receipts or paid invoices) showing the costs for which the grant was provided have been paid. Costs in excess of the grant amount are the grantees responsibility.



Please contact us at 901.327.8401 or for application information. Karamu reserves the right to cancel this program at any time based on funding limitations or other circumstances.

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