Tennessee’s Underserved Children Need Your Help

Every state in the U.S. has children who live in poverty, and Tennessee seems to have more than

its fair share. One out of eight kids in our state lives in a poor neighborhood. They reside in areas

with high levels of condensed destitution. Poverty is always accompanied by food insecurity in

the forms of an inadequate amount of food and not enough nutritious food.

The Karamu Nutrition Program’s goal is to lower—or, in a perfect world—eliminate that

statistic. The mission of Karamu, which is a 501(c)(3) organization, is to deliver low-cost, high-

quality assistance to Tennessee’s childcare providers, and the children and families they serve.

A child’s accessibility to an inadequate amount of nutritious food has adverse repercussions on

him physically and mentally later in life. The stress alone affects the development of his brain.

As an adult, the non-nutritious food that he ate as a child increases his risk of diabetes, heart

disease, stroke and other associated health problems.

When children eat too much food that lacks nutrition, their energy levels decrease and they show

less interest in learning, both of which hinder their performances in school. The kids are also

likely to be subjected to stunted physical growth and maturation. At the same time, researchers

found that people who had nutritional deficiencies early in life—for example, they consumed a

lot of trans and saturated fats—can end up with memory, cognition and concentration problems.

Children who eat well are likely to establish healthy eating habits as they grow older. The more

kids understand and appreciate nutrition, the more interested they’ll take in eating foods that

benefit them.

Please put Karamu on your list of organizations to which you donate. You’ll be helping

thousands of children be healthy now and then later, when they become adults. If you would like

to get in touch with us, please call 901-327-8401 or send an email to karamu@karamu.org.