Tennessee’s Senior Adults Need Good Nutrition

The number of Tennessee residents age 85 and older is projected to grow by 76 percent by 2030,

according to AARP. Right now, though, 13 percent of Tennessee’s population is 65 and older,

with more than 106,000 residents being 85 and older. This means that the number of senior

citizens using community-based adult daycare facilities will be growing exponentially every


The Karamu Nutrition Program is proud to be a sponsor of the USDA’s Child and Adult Care

Food Program (CACFP). Adult daycare facilities provide daytime, non-residential services to

seniors who need or would significantly benefit from their services, such as close monitoring,

stimulating activities, healthy meals and companionship. Karamu Nutrition Program is dedicated

to making nutritious food easy and affordable for community-run adult daycare providers.

Nutritional requirements of people ages 65 and older are somewhat different from what they

were when they were younger. Though senior citizens’ metabolisms slow down, their bodies

require more particular nutrients. That’s why it’s imperative that they consume the kinds of

foods that are best for their ages, such as lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat

dairy, and foods that are high in fibers and low in sodium. Vitamin D is an imperative mineral to

aging bodies. For an older person to maintain his/her healthy body weight, he/she should

consume the correct amount of food for his/her age and body type.

Please help Tennessee’s senior citizens be healthy by donating to Karamu. You’ll be helping

thousands of older people maintain their well-being. The Karamu Nutrition Program, Inc. is a

501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent permitted under IRS regulations.

The tax-deductible donations we receive are invested back into the community. If you would like

to get in touch with us, please call 901-327-8401 or send an email to karamu@karamu.org.


The Karamu Nutrition Program (KNP) is the largest and one of the fastest growing non-profit food program sponsors in Tennessee. Karamu’s founder and Executive Director, Dr. Vera Corley-Sims, is a retired childcare provider and a nationally known advocate for provider and children’s causes.


Karamu is a provider friendly organization which has built a strong reputation of treating its providers with respect and courtesy; Dr. Vera will have it no other way!


Karamu’s mission is to provide a variety of services for childcare providers. However, our core service is CACFP sponsorship. In fact, Dr. Vera originally founded Karamu to serve as a CACFP sponsor.

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Karamu Nutrition Program, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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